On Page SEO Part 6

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On Page SEO Part 6 Search Engine Optimization Guide

On Page SEO

Welcome back...

In On Page SEO Part 1 we looked at "On-Page META Data Optimization" and On Page SEO Part 2 and On Page SEO 3 introduced "Content" SEO, On Page SEO Part 4 looked at "Siloing" and On Page SEO Part 5 addressed at "Schema markup".

In this concluding part 6 of our On Page SEO Guide we are going to take a look at various "SEO Sundry items".

Fresh Content Is A Key Ranking Factor

So you have just completed your website and optimized it to the fullest. So now you can forget all about your site and focus completely on your Off-Site SEO.

Not quite.

You may have heard about Google’s Freshness Algorithm. Here Google wants its search results to present the most informative and up to date content regarding a particular search as part of its UX. It makes sense therefore that they would reward pages and websites that are constantly delivering new and original content.

Without new and original contact you will always be running up hill to rank a site.

This does not mean that you need to commit to daily blogs, as there is a bare minimum that we have found through testing that not only will minimize your work, but will also take advantage of Google's algorithm and allow me to rank faster than the competition.

How Many Blog Posts Per Month

The answer is once per month; create at least one new blog post per month. This tells Google that your site is active and alive, and importantly that the site is churning out new content, which is getting read by your social following.


Link it back to your homepage and/or other relevant silo pages on your site. This will further establish relevance for each of these pages as time goes on.

Syndicate these blog posts to your social profiles. You should have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc already setup for your website. Then every time you release a new blog post, make sure that the article gets posted onto your feeds. This can easily be automated with http://IFTTT.com or with WordPress plugins for example Jetpack or SNAP.

Do Not:

Write about a topic that you have already covered, even if the article is 100% Copyscape unique. If you have already covered a topic, then do not rewrite a new article on the same topic. Think of something else or you are opening your site to a duplicate content flag or at the very least you will be competing with yourself.

Refresh Your Existing Content

Also, once per month, take an existing page that you are trying to rank (your homepage or a silo page) and update the content on it. It will not take much effort, just add a short paragraph, an image, or a video and that will be enough.

This tells Google that the specific page that they are already ranking has just got even more current and deserves its place in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

We usually alternate like this:
  1. Homepage

  2. Inner page A

  3. Homepage

  4. Inner page B

But be careful when adding new content so that you do not over-optimize the keyword density / ratio.

A Couple More Google Ranking Factors

Google is all about the User Experience (UX).

As a consequence a sites load speed should be as fast as possible for the following reasons:
  1. Google uses a sites load speed as a ranking factor.

  2. It has been shown that sites that take a long time to load lose customers (Sales).

Website Hosting

Choosing the right “Host” is critical here. At SEO Hong Kong we only recommend 3 Host providers.

For WordPress Sites:

For Other Platforms:

Content Distribution Network CDN

A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a globally distributed network of proxy servers deployed in multiple data centres. The goal of a CDN is to serve content to end-users with high availability and high performance (speed).

Here at SEO Hong Kong we recommend:
  • Cloudflare

Web Site Building Platforms

Here at SEO Hong Kong we exclusively use DIVI by Elegant Themes.

On Page SEO Summary

Over this On Page SEO 6 part series we have covered the main aspects of On-page SEO.

From URLs to site hosting.

If you follow the guidance you will experience higher rankings for your site content which will allow you to achieve your site aims.

Hope this helps...

Lets talk soon...



Gary Williams

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