On Page SEO Part 4

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On Page SEO Part 4 Search Engine Optimization Guide

On Page SEO

Welcome back...

In On Page SEO Part 1 we looked at "On-Page META Data Optimization" and On Page SEO Part 2 and 3 introduced "Content" SEO.

Here in On Page SEO Part 4 we are going to continue our look at "Siloing".

What Is Siloing - Your Site Page Hierarchy

Siloing (Web Design Architecture) is an essential On-Page strategy that allows you to get the most out of the backlinks coming onto your page. Instead of ranking for just one page that you send backlinks too, you will rank for any number of pages that you want.

Siloing is an inner page interlinking technique that can be best illustrated by an example.

In our 'cat training' example, lets target the homepage with the keyword "cat training". We have done our keyword research and have found that "cat tricks" and "cat house training" are profitable keywords and so we will build “first tier” pages targeting to those keywords as well.

We have also undertaken some deep Keyword Research and discovered the topic "cat tricks" and found that many people are searching for "teach a cat to sit" and "teach a cat to roll over", so we will want to build sub-pages for those to.

Here is what our page hierarchy would look like.

On Page SEO Website Optimization

When we interlink these pages, for the anchor text we want to use the target keyword(s) the next page is trying to rank for – with its relevant on-page content to that Keyword.

So for example when we pass an inbound link to the homepage the effect is that some of the link juice will trickle down to the next page(s) in the “silo hierarchy” and will be focused on the target keyword. So if you send one link to the homepage, each of the hierarchical pages below will get some ranking boost too.

You want to place these links in the context, relevance and content of the page. The sidebar and menus do not produce the same effect – bang for your buck.

Here is an example of Anchor Text on the homepage.

On Page SEO

Training your cat can be an easy task, if you know the right way to do it. Many people would like to teach their cat tricks, which can be a fun and enjoyable exercise. We recommend starting at a young age...

And here is what the diagram would look like with example anchors on the connecting lines.

The final and most important step is to link silo hierarchy pages back up to the homepage.

This recycles the link juice back to the homepage, which targets your most important keywords. So essentially, no matter what page you send a link to on your site, all pages are going to be getting some benefit.

When it comes to internal links, there are still rules for anchor text optimization, but the rules are much more relaxed than for Off-Site SEO. Try to vary up the anchor text for the links back to the homepage, as this page will be receiving tons of inner links.

Anchor Text Ratios - What We Typically Recommend

50% Target anchors

25% Brand or URL anchors

25% Miscellaneous anchors

On Page Search Engine Optimization SEO

Other Benefits Of Internal Relevant Link Building

Apart from the passing of link juice and UX navigation.

When you try to rank a page on a particular subject, Google expects to see that there are other supporting articles linking to this page.

This is called establishing relevance on a topic.

Let's take our cat training site that is ranking quite nicely for "cat training lessons". Over the years this site has published a lot of content related to cat training and as a result there is no question in Google's mind that this site is about cat training.

The site owners decide to expand their business to include cat clothes. So their SEO throws up a page on cat clothes and adds some backlinks to the page.

After 6 months the page is still stuck on page 3.

The problem is that there are no site pages citing / linking to the cat clothes page as a reference / relevance. As a consequence Google does not think that this site is really about cat clothes.

To resolve this, the site owner's SEO simply needs to create some relevant pages (at least 3 pages but the more the better) and link them to the page he wants to rank – cat clothes.

As always this works particularly well for local SEO for example a cat clothes shop operating in New York.

Adding pages such as:
  • New York Cats Clothes Review

  • Best Cat Clothes Shop In New York

  • Trendy Cat Clothes For New York City

  • Famous Cats Get Clothes Makeover In New York

These pages would add relevance in Google’s eyes and substantially aid in the ranking process.

These pages do not even need to be accessible from the navigation bar (Site Menu). As long as they are in the XML sitemap and indexed, their work is done.

The concept of relevance is often misunderstood or even ignored when it comes to on-page SEO. If you can understand and implement these ideas, you will get much better ranking results.

In Part 4, we’ll be covering "Schema markup" so why don't you subscribe to ensure that you receive the information...

Hope this helps...

Lets talk soon...



Gary Williams

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