So You Want To Submit A Podcast To iTunes

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How To Submit A Podcast To iTunes

Submit a Podcast to iTunes

If you are going to be a podcaster, then you will want to use iTunes to distribute your podcast as they are the original and established distributor of podcasts.

More importantly almost two third of podcast listeners (your customers) go through iTunes or Apple podcasts and many of the third party podcasting providers only aggregate iTunes content.

So iTunes is where its at for podcasts.


This means that you need to know how to submit a podcast to iTunes if you want anyone to listen to you.

Step 1 Pre-submission

You need to have produced your podcast, the submission to iTunes is the last stage of the process.

Pre-submission Check List
  • At least 1 episode should be recorded and published (preferably more)

  • Podcast artwork should be uploaded with a resolution between 1400×1400 and 3000×3000 in JPG or PNG format (note that it must be square for iTunes inclusion)

  • Your title, description, summary, categories, and contact info should be filled out completely (done through your host’s admin panel)

Step 2 Submission Through Your RSS Feed

Podcasts are distributed by RSS feed. Rather than hosting your content itself, iTunes will give your listeners’ software this feed address, and they will download it from your host directly. You won’t set up this feed manually–your host will provide the address that you will submit to iTunes.

Blubrry PowerPress

Finding your feed with PowerPress is easy. Head to PowerPress -> Settings and click on Step 3. The next page will have your feed address at the very top.


Upon logging into your Libsyn dashboard, you will see Destinations in the menu. Click it or Edit or View Existing from the dropdown menu, and you will see your RSS feed address.


Soundcloud is a little more hidden (and the feed looks a little different), but it will work the exact same way. You will click the three dots in the upper right of the toolbar to expand the menu, navigate to settings, and into the content tab. Your RSS feed will be at the top.

Step 3: iTunes Podcasts Connect

Apple has only one way that you can submit your podcast to them. Head over to Podcasts Connect, Apple’s dedicated podcast portal for creators.

Note: you must have an Apple ID for this. If you don’t have one, create one (you have to download iTunes to do this. Sorry! I know it’s a pain.), and if you do have one, sign in with it.

Once you are signed in you will see a + to the left where you can add a new show to the directory, and you will see the artwork for all of your shows displayed here.

When you hit the +, you’re taken to a simple page where you are asked to enter and validate your RSS feed address.

RSS Feed Invalid

There are lots of reasons for your feed to come back invalid, but the main ones are:
  • Your artwork doesn’t meet the minimum specifications (at least 1400×1400 resolution and JPG or PNG format)

  • One of the required fields such as category, email, title is missing

  • That you haven’t published an episode yet and the feed is empty

RSS Feed Validated

Check your show’s details to make sure that everything is exactly like you want it to be, and you are ready hit that Submit button and your podcast is submitted for review.

You will get a confirmation email when you podcast has been approved.

You can now go back into Podcasts Connect after that and see that your show is listed in your dashboard now.

Clicking into the new show will give you the few options Apple allows you. Within a day, the podcast feed will proliferate through the system, and the link to the iTunes Store will go live.

Hope this helps.

Lets talk soon.




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