How To Write A Blog Post The Critical Success Factors

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How To Write A Blog Post Dissected 

Write A Blog PostHere we take a look at how To Write A Blog Post The Critical Success Factors to getting your post read and syndicated to grow your audience.

So you have an idea about what to write and your certain that your audience will love it.

But how to make the most of your idea.

It all comes down to how you convey your idea into the content of your blog.

I say content because we have not only the written word but for example video, images, podcasts and webinars.

The salient point or if you prefer the golden rule is to always keep your audience (your Target Market and existing followers - "Your Tribe") at the fore front of your mind when creating content and in the delivery of that content; how your audience likes to receive your content.

So I assume that you are doing that and now you have your idea that will be of immense interest to your audience.

So point two is how to present your content, what are the Critical Success Factors (CSF) that will ensure your audience will eagerly and ecstatically consume your content and share it widely so that "Your Tribe" will grow.

Crafting Your Blog Post

As we are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists I will also be providing "SEO Tips" throughout this article (I hope this helps).

The Post Title (see also Meta Description below)

The "Post Title" is the most crucial part of actually getting readers to start reading your post when they see it in an RSS reader, email, social media, or the search engine results page.

Those few words at the beginning of your blog post can be the difference between the post being read and shared throughout the web and it remaining unread in your archives; or in SEO terminology “Nowhere to be found”.

The “Post Title” then is a critical juncture, a decision point for your audience.

The title may only be a few words but they are the most critical words that you will write because for most of your audience the decision as to whether to read your post rests on the Post Title.

Your Blog Post will appear here:
  1. Search engine results

  2. RSS feeds

  3. Links from other bloggers

  4. Social media sites

  5. On your archive pages

In each of these locations the Post Title can be the only thing that people (your audience and prospect audience) see and the sole criteria that they will make in deciding to open and read your post or not.

The sole purpose of your Post Title then is to get your audience to open your post as David Ogilvy who in “Oglivy on Advertising” (a great copywriting book and a recommend read) states:

“The purpose of a title is to get potential readers to read the first line of your content”

The following are approaches to writing such a Post Title, although you would not necessarily use all of them at the same time, in the same post title.

State The Benefit

“Top Weight Loss Program”

Solve A Problem

Google (and your audience) really likes problem solving content tiles for example “How To Pass Your Driving Test”.

The Controversial Statement

“STOP FREE School Dinners”


Always put your “Keywords) in your page title – always (more on this later).

Make It Personal


Power Words

Some words are powerful and invoke emotion, these words are called “Power Words” for example FREE, Sale, Secret, Discover, Learn More, Top, Best, Expert.

The Bold Claim

“Best Anti-Wrinkle Cream Available Today”


“Never Stand In The Way Of A Dog and A Fire Hydrant”

SEO Tip: Google ranks Post Titles (and H title tags – more on this later) in the form of a question very highly especially in the “Featured Snippets” position on page 1 of the Google SERPS for example titles beginning with How, What, Where, and When; also Google likes “Lists” so for example a “List Of Top Soup Recipes”.

SEO Tip: Regarding your post title always if possible (as the title should always make sense to your audience and not just be stuffed with Keywords) place your most important words (perhaps your keywords) first for example Keywords followed by one of the points above so we may have  “Reduce Weight With The Top Weight Loss Program”.

The Opening Line 

Once you’ve got someone past your post’s title and they have opened your post.

Clearly the second most important words in your blog post are those that follow the title – your opening line.

The opening lines purpose is to get your audience to read the next line drawing them deep within your post and compelling them to read further.

Here is how we approach our opening lines.

Identify A Need Or Problem

“Having problems with your relationships, we show you how to get back on track”.

Ask A Question

What would you do to solve this problem.

Say Something Unexpected

“Went to my local café for my daily fix and guess what it taught me about blogging”.

A Personal Revelation

I woke up at the age of 50 poorly equipt to a world I did not recognize... 

“I began my journey learning about making money online at the age of 50 with no prior experience or knowledge

I mention this of course to emphasise that if I can learn how to make money on line then anybody can”

Gary Williams

A Story

Become a story teller and your post and blog will become a success.

We (humans) prefer to communicate with stories and storytelling, so become a great story teller.

Start With A Quotation

“Hard Work and Disciple are the great equalizers”.

Make A Promise or Guarantee

We promise not to waste your time and we guarantee that after reading this article you will be able to write great posts (content).

Make A Controversial Statement

“Dogs are the UK favourite pet”

Paint A Picture

Open with “Picture this” and immediately you will have noticed that you go to your mind were you can “Picture this” and your audience will too.

This allows you to take you audience where you want them to go immediately and set the scene for your post – its very powerful.

Use Statistics

Can be useful; make sure it to relevant to the post and striking or controversial for example “95% of people say Abba are better than the Beatles”

An Image

YouTube Video

OK you know the saying but its true “A picture paints a thousand words”.

The key is to find an image that is on topic and creates emotion for the audience.

 A Video

YouTube VideoYes thats right a Video, and nothing can be more powerful than a video.

This is because it appeals to our sight and sound senses.

Get the right on topic and emotional video and your post will be both read and shared widely (more on this later)


You can see that the “The Opening Line” supports the “Page Title” and should be on topic while creating emotion with your audience.

Post Content

You post needs a point and a point of view (preferably yours) if your audience is to read past the opening sentence, and even more so to get shared.

Or to put it another way:
  1. What’s the point of your post?

  2. What am I trying to communicate in the content?

  3. What impact do I want to have on my reader?

  4. How will this benefit my reader from reading my post content?

All of your hard work in choosing topics, titles and opening lines will go to waste if your post content is weak for example it is poorly written with no real point to it and the content doesn’t really matter or benefit your audience.

It goes without saying that the content should be relevant to the post tiles and opening sentences.

More importantly it should be directed at and be extremely relevant to your target audience.

Always try and incorporate relevant image(s) and video(s) in your content especially in long content as it helps to break up the lines of text and importantly adds the visual learning element to the post.

For post content construction (see the SEO section later).

Call To Action

OK you wrote you post with a great title, opening sentence and killer content now what.

Well you probably want your audience to do something and we do this with a Call To Action (CTA) like this one:

Your first step is to download your FREE Ultimate Guide To Making Money Online

or this one

Call To Action

Here are some top tips to creating your own CTAs

Know What Action You Want Your Audience To Take

And ask them to take it, for example:

  1. If you want people to subscribe ask them.

  2. If you want people to buy something – show them how to.

  3. If you want people to watch your Webinar, show them how to sign up

  4. If you want a share on Facebook – ask for it.

  5. If you want people to comment, invite them to do so.

In designing your CTAs ask yourself the following:

  1. What’s the purpose of your post?

  2. What do you want readers to do as a result of reading the post?

Search Engine Optimization For Your Blog Content

While we are here, lets also take a quick look at Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

We specialize in SEO so please bear in mind the following when you are constructing your blog content.

When it comes to on-page optimization, certain places are more valuable to have your keywords in than others. Based our tests, and in the order of impact, from the most valuable keyword real-estate to the least valuable:
  1. URL

  2. SEO Title Tag (i.e.: <TITLE></TITLE>)

  3. H1 (i.e.: Page title)

  4. H2, H3

  5. Content

We can use this knowledge to our advantage, if we have multiple keywords that we want to target on a single page, which should typically always be the case.

Let's say we have the following keywords we want to target on the homepage in order of importance:
  1. Cat Training

  2. Cat Obedience

  3. Cat School

  4. Litter Training For Cats

  5. Cat Ball Training

The Blog URL

Let’s start with our URL, making a branded domain, with an inner page targeting. How many keywords can we fit in the URL without looking spammy. The following URL covers our two most important keywords.

URL: http://felineexpert.com/cat-training-and-obedience

Now for the SEO title tag. Again, let’s try to get as many keywords as possible in there, remembering the rules we read about before.

SEO Title Tag: Cat Training And Obedience School | Feline Expert

Feline Expert is included in the Tile Tag for Branding purposes – not for generic ranking purposes.

The Blog Title

Next comes our Page Title and we definitely will want to get our top keywords in here, and let’s also try to include some of the words that we have not used so far. Additionally, we'll use a synonym “Kittens” to get some semantic advantage.

The H1 Title Tag

Try to include your target keyword only once in one <h1> tag. And to try and make it a part of a larger phrase, and not just the exact keyword.

Remember each page should only have one <h1> tag. Most themes have it setup to automatically create a <h1> tag from your page title, so be sure that you do not create two.

Each <h1> tag can have other <h2> tags underneath it, and the <h3> tags go underneath those <h2> tags.


SEOs debate over how many words per page is optimal. No one has the exact number, because it pertains on a per-niche and per-keyword basis. For example, pages in the Life Insurance niche typically require more words per page to rank than others.

However, based on our testing experience and recent third party studies, the minimum amount of words you want on a page is:

Regular page: 500+ words

Web 2.0 page: 1000+ words

To be safe, we recommend writing any page you want to rank for with 1000+ words or more.

It’s just going to make your life easier. This however cannot always be achieved, especially if your site is highly graphical, so in those circumstances, stick to the minimum recommendations above.

Google is always looking for highly relevant content and for some niches this requires lengthy articles.


Try always to include video(s) embedded within your content, Google owns YouTube and video is a ranking factor to content on the SERPS.


Try always to include image(s) embedded within your content and also include the alt text.

SEO Hong Kong

Meta Description

The pages Meta Description is no longer considered by Google as a ranking factor in its Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

Never the less it is a very important piece of real estate in its support of the content "Page title".

So use the Meta Description in support of the content "Page title" and add a "Sales hook" for example:
  1. Learn more here

  2. FREE Guide

  3. You and get FREE.... (last allowable entry)

The sales hook as with the page title is and should be designed to encourage the audience to open the post.

For more information on Search Engine Optimization for your content your can download your FREE Guide here Ultimate Guide To Website Search Engine Optimization.

Hope this helps...

Lets talk soon



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Want to know how to make money online? then why don't you download your FREE Ultimate Guide To Making Money Online and we will also forward to you your "FREE Bonus" the Ultimate Guide To Website Search Engine Optimization so that you will have all the information on how to "Make Money Online".



If you find this information interesting and useful others will to, so please share this content, thank you.


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