Improve Site Content and Conversions With Online Video

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How To Improve Site Content and Conversions With Video

YouTube Video

OK the first thing is we will be looking at more than 3 ways to Improve Site Content and Conversions With Video.

This is because as I hail from an SEO background I know that video is an extremely valuable ranking factor for Google (as you know Google owns YouTube) and as such should be used and utilized as much as possible within your content - period.

This will not only get you higher organic rankings but will in itself lead to high conversions and shares, which lead to even more conversions.

Did You Know?
  • 92% of mobile video users share with others

  • 500 million people watch Facebook video daily

  • 76% of marketers plan to add video to their site making it a higher priority than Facebook and Twitter

  • 88% agree that using video in education increases achievements

  • YouTube has 20% of all search traffic and is still growing

So lesson number 1 - use video as much as possible within your content - OH here is our video now as an example of how to use video within your content...just embed it.

Create Your Own Video

Today you really have no excuses for not making and including video in your content (I mean if pushed you can use other people videos embedded from YouTube etc) but you should really be creating and using your own.

It can be as simple (and as effective) as using your iPhone or using apps like Periscope or the Facebook app which is great for ad hoc video and sharing to your timeline.

So every article should be between 500 - 1,000 words or more and contain video and images (with Alt Text) for more information get your Ultimate Guide To Website Search Engine Optimization

Create An Explanation or How To Video

Explanation videos are great, firstly they are video content (see above) and will be shared more readily by your visitors and you of course for example on YouTube and where possible all of your social media.

These types of videos do not need to be complicated or master pieces you can use Power Point, your iPhone, a Flip Camera or your Webcam, alternatively whiteboards work great also.

So in additional to having shareable video content on your site, many visitors to your site are visual people so they prefer and will absorb your information or sales pitch more readily through video than text which means more conversions.

So pick up your iPhone and start creating explainer videos it really is as simple as that.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial Videos are like the "holy grail".

Nothing will build trust for your site and brand like a Testimonial Video, you simply cannot have enough of them.

After a sale simply whip out your iPhone and get a Video Testimonial from your customer.

Embed them on your site and share them "Everywhere".

Summary Videos

Why not add a summary video of your text content to every piece of content you write.

Remember some of your site visitors will prefer video.

Just use any video medium you prefer iPhone, Webcam, Power Point (even better with a voice over).

Onscreen Video

Take a video of your screen while explaining your actions is an excellent version of the Explanation or How To Video here is an example by Buzzsumo:

Video Ads

Oh just in case you missed it here is our video Ad.

Why not create your own or you will miss out on a huge amount of traffic and conversions if you don't.

You can use the methods suggested above or take a look at videomaker

Use A Custom Thumbnail For Your Video

Remember to always use a custom thumbnail for all your videos here's ours:

SEO Hong Kong

We always use the same thumbnail for branding purposes but you should always choose the most appropriate for example by subject matter or for effect.

Email Videos

Video emails are the latest hot thing for engaging with your client email list and cold email strategy.

They have huge advantages over text emails check them out here at BombBomb

Hope this helps.

Lets talk soon.




If you find this information interesting and useful others will to, so please share this content, thank you.

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